Why should you choose high index prescription lenses?

With the growing use of prescription glasses, people’s expectation on the prescription lenses have become higher and higher. A few years ago, there are only glasses and a hard resin called CR-39 can be used for prescription lenses. Recently, high index prescription lenses have become available.

Although high index prescription lenses are more expensive than standard lenses, you should choose the high index prescription lenses due to their below advantages, especially when you have a strong prescription:
1. Bend light more efficiently. High index prescription lenses are made from the materials with higher index of light refraction, they are able to bend light to a much larger degree than the standard lenses.
2. Thinner. The high index prescription lenses have thinner edges than the standard lenses with the same prescription due to their materials can bend light more efficiently.
3. Lighter. The thinner edges of the high index prescription lenses require less lens materials, which reduces the weight of the prescription lenses. Therefore, the high index prescription lenses are lighter than the standard lenses with the same prescription.
4. More comfortable. As a result of the above advantages, the lightweight high index prescription lenses are more comfortable to wear daily, particularly for the individuals with a strong prescription. As we known, most eyeglass wearers are nearsighted, and their lenses are thicker on edge and thinner in center. That means the stronger prescription they have, the thicker lenses edge there will be.
5. Comply with nowadays fashion trends. In recent years, most fashionable eyeglass frames are made of metal or plastic with the rims much thinner than the prescription lenses. The classic thick lenses will not look good on them. In that case, those frames will require the lighter prescription lenses.
Thus, the high index prescription lenses are the alternative choice to the standard lenses. It is no surprise that most of us prefer to the thinnest, lightest prescription eyeglasses.

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