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There is a feeling that it easy for a female to be mad. I’m a female and I’m now saying the following words based on my owe observation among my girl friends from 7 to 70, from New York to Los Angeles. I have to say that it is not fair to use one woman’s fault or some part of women’s fault to cover all the goodness of the millions and thousands of the others. Honestly I admit that sometimes it is easy for some women to be fussy about little things because we have eyes to see and we have a much tender and sensitive hearts than most of the men. Anyway it is immature to divide human into man and woman. As a group, we are quite the same; there is no vivid dividing line between the two genders. Maybe we do have some qualities that made us look a little bit different from each other, but when compared to other kind of animals, the difference between man and woman is really nothing.

However we women do have different qualities that made us special in such society. We like shopping and we are rapt in finding cheap things with fairly good quality. If we do have found a place or shop or website selling cheaper things, even if it’s one buck cheaper than somewhere we have seen in another place, the next thing for us to do beside buying the goods for ourselves is to recommend.

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