Materials of today’s eyeglasses frames

Today, when you are in a local store choosing your new prescription glasses, according to the frame style, you can get full-rim, half-rim or rimless (frameless) glasses frames, however, frame style is just one of the factors which you need to consider when doing you shopping, frame material is another one, and there are always a couple of ways to classify the huge variety of eyeglasses frames, such as cellulose, zylonite, nylon, metal, stainless steel, monel and titanium, so, before your final decision, it is necessary to learn some knowledge of prescription eyeglasses frames though the composition of eyeglasses is really simple, just a frame, two lenses and two temples. In the old days, the most common two materials are plastic and metal, but today, a lot of eyeglasses frame materials are available from our manufacturers to our customers, situation now is significantly changed!

So, let’s begin with plastic, today, it is an overall concept and with a large category of materials, such as polycarbonate, nylon, cellulose, and blended nylon. The most important advantage of such materials compared to those metal ones is they are featuring lightweight, people will feel all right even they wear it for the whole day, and that’s the reason how such eyeglasses frames can attract so many wearers, they are really wonderful! However, everything has its two sides, the disadvantages are universal that all kinds of plastic glasses frame is that strength decrease, color fading!

As the metal ones, they are usually heavier than those eyeglasses frames composed of plastic materials. Usually, we can find titanium, monel and beryllium are the most popular in local stores, each of the three has its own respective features. Such as titanium eyeglasses frames, which are favored by more and more people, it is featuring durability, lightweight, strength and corrosion resistance, and moreover, such frame material is really suitable for rimless eyeglasses frames, as there’s only a connection between the two lenses, so, the material need to be durable and strength, that’s why titanium is the best choice! And monel eyeglasses frames are malleable, lightweight and corrosion-resistant, but the price of such material is really expensive which may out of you budget, and beryllium ones are much cheaper, they are particularly suitable for individuals who have high skin acidity, such people may get skin effected if wear other plastic and metal frames, what’s more, if you are staying in a salty working environment, such frames are also helpful!

All in all, you can come to your eye optician and ask advice for what kind of material is the best choice for you, and if you have any problem, just feel all right to leave your question here, we are delighted to help you!