Just be fun and flexible when buying prescription eyeglasses

Today, there is a variety of styles in local eyeglasses stores, so, choosing a style of prescription glasses to suit your lifestyle can be flexible and fun, but before you final decision, you should figure out these three points: 1.who you are; 2. what you like to do; 3. where you like to go.

First question is just the same as choosing a eyeglasses frame that is not a distraction but a compliment to your basic features, skin color, shape of face and so on. All the factors, colors, textures, shape and price, will instrumental in your decision making process. Take the face shape for example, just the round one, which looks thinner and longer when you wear eyeglasses that help lengthen and narrow the face, those eyeglasses frames which are wider than deep are the best choice for you, such as rectangle style frames, never try to buy those exaggerate ones.

Then, what you like to do, are you a person who wants to command immediate attention and respect? At this situation, you might want a little drama and prescription eyeglasses frames that are a great place to achieve it, while, on the other side, if you belong to those who don’t like a lot of attention, you probably do not want to choose a brightly colored plastic eyeglasses frames. And if you need your eyeglasses frames can withstand action, you will need a material that is durable, so, try titanium or flex titanium, which is especially resilient and retaining its original shape even you bend them over hard, don’t try to wear drill mount rimless eyeglasses, as such lenses can be cracked easily if the frame is stressed too much.

Then, here is the last point, where you like to go. Nowadays, you can have your prescription eyeglasses for every activity you participate in. in the morning, grab a pair of basic functional prescription glasses for the morning newspaper and enjoy the first cup of coffee, then put on a sleek style of glasses frame for the day and to the office, after work in the evening, you will your change your eyeglasses just as changing your clothes to go out for friends party or something like that, so, you can go for a little more funky and edgy eyeglasses frames.

All in all, have fun and flexible when choosing your prescription eyeglasses, here’s my last tip, you should be always ready, and just simply allow your fashion and lifestyle to influence you in this procedure.