Functions of Eyeglasses

Recently, my cell phone is full of good-wishing messages as well as interesting messages from al my good friends. You do not know why? Why, it is Christmas time again! And one of these messages is sort of a riddle about eyeglasses; it gives some vivid descriptions about the functions of eyeglasses together with its appearance. Of course I got the right answer immediately. However, this message makes me think more about the functions of eyeglasses.

It is very common nowadays to see various people wearing eyeglasses in every corner. For example, there are almost more than half of my classmates wear near-sighted eyeglasses. And I myself am very dependent on my own pair of eyeglasses. To most of us, we all take this idea for granted that eyeglasses are designed to help those who have poor eyesight see the world better. Of course there is no doubt about this, which is the most basic function of eyeglasses. But what else the eyeglasses can function as? Firstly, in my opinion, with the more and more advanced technology in the glasses industry, eyeglasses can help strengthen people’s enchantment greatly. Indeed, there are all kinds of eyeglasses in various shapes, colors, materials and the shapes of the frames. And I find a lot of people who become even more fascinating after wearing one pair of eyeglasses that are suitable to them. That is, the glasses should match his or her shape of face, and the personal air, etc. For example, some people may seem quite gentlemanlike, or knowledgeable or elegant with the decoration of eyeglasses. Secondly, with a pair of eyeglasses, we can capture more information around us. I do not think there is a large number of people whose eyesight is absolutely good and standard. Therefore, people all have some problems in viewing things to some degree. And it is easy for them to ignore some very important information, which may cause loss to individuals. However, if we have a pair of eyeglasses, there will not be such problems any more. Lastly, eyeglasses can greatly make people who have eye problems more confident. For example, if I happen to forget my eyeglasses in an important contest, then however well I have prepared before, I will not be confident enough to perform well.

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