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In no time, my supervisor, who is already sixty years’ old and who has dedicated almost all his time to the cause of education and devoted all his energy to his career of teaching, is retiring. He is such a hardworking professor and such a scrupulous scholar that it is often seen that he stayed up late, either marking the students’ papers or reading and writing some thesis. Years and years’ hard work has had a heavy toll on his health, especially his eyesight. So we, all of his students, strongly suggest that he have a good rest and travel around the world. And it is suggested that every one of us buy him a present to express our deepest gratitude to him. Therefore, after thinking it over for a lot of time, I decided to buy a pair of high quality men’s glasses for my beloved and respectable supervisor.

I spent about two whole days going from shop to shop here which are reputed to have been selling very good glasses, but to my disappointment, I failed to get any pair either due to the forbiddingly high price or due to the overly out-dated style of the glasses. I have been holding that even if they are men’s glasses, they should still been nice in design, or they would make the wearer look out of fashion. Then I turned to the online glasses stores and I managed to find one store, the glasses sold in which all turn out distinctive in design, high in quality and reasonable in price. And almost all consumes have expressed their satisfaction in the ratings. By the way, this store, in addition to men’s glasses, also sell other types of glasses like prescription glasses, bifocal glasses, women’s and kids’ glasses and so on.

Thus with little hesitation, I placed an order for a pair of mens glasses after I carefully selected the type and design and compared their prices and function. The glasses were delivered to me within three days, satisfactorily in time. The glasses I have bought have a golden frame and rectangular lenses, giving a sense of success, eruditeness and respectability. I believe that my supervisor will like them very much.

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