Choosing satisfied eyeglasses frames

What do you think is the most important factor when choosing prescription glasses? The answer may be different from men to women, according to studies by The Vision Council, most men are more inclined to the eyeglasses comfort, fit and durability, while women are more interested in the way eyeglasses look, they need trendy and great looking ones, but let’s face it, do you really love to wear your “beautiful” Rx eyeglasses if the fit is uncomfortable, at this situation, you certainly aren’t getting your money’s worth if your new glasses are sitting in a drawer or somewhere, so, who can solve the problem of comfort and fit for us? Here are my several suggestions which may be useful for you:

First one, if your frame looks great, but the front is too wide and doesn’t fit your face, this will make your face ugly especially if you have a round face shape, so, just order another size of frame, if this request is unavailable, you could be fitted with a different brand of frame which is very similar, and what’s more, some manufacturers have released petite collections with frames that fit smaller faces.

Second, if your frame slides off your nose easily, sometimes it is because of the light weight and short temples, and you can ask your optician to fix this during the final fitting, by adjusting the temple length or the way the arms wrap around your ears, for kids, we have special spring cabled hinges, which can solve the problem perfectly.

Last but not least, nose pads may be uncomfortable for you. Try to choose glasses frames fixed with soft silicon nose pads instead of those inferior plastic ones, or your optician may find a similar style of frame with better nose pads.

As what we have said in the first paragraph, durability is another factor that seems to appeal more to men than to women. In the old days, we may think that titanium and alloy materials, such as magnalium, are better than those plastic and metal ones, actually,even today’s cheaply made eyeglasses frames may be so well finished that you may not recognize when a material is easy to scratch or bend out of shape, so, before your final decision, I really suggest you should be sure and ask for advice from some professional guys, you really don’t want to buy a frame that falls apart after a few months, do you?