Buy a new pair of prescription glasses for the holiday

With Christmas just six days away, we will soon enter a new year, which is just about a week right after Christmas. It’s a double holiday then. A new year means a new start and a fresh look. So I have been considering making some change to my appearance several days before. I firstly thought of cutting short my hair, which was later overwhelmed by the worry of regret. What about turning my dressing style to a more mature one? I made some tries which turned out to be not my cup of tea. When looking into the mirror one day, I knew what I should change: my prescription glasses.

What I was then wearing a pair of metal prescription glasses with a red oval frame. When deciding the style of this pair of glasses, I chose a rimless frame for the sake of fashion and lightness. But I now discovered that a pair of rimless glasses did not suit me best because I was kind of a sport’s girl and I ran and jumped a lot. The lenses of my rimless glasses dropped once from the frame when I was having my volleyball classes. So this time, I need to choose something firmer.

I skimmed over website after website to find the pair of glasses that would fit me most. After hours’ selecting and comparing, actually I couldn’t make a decision between two pairs. One pair was a plastic one with a rectangle frame in the color black, and it was a pair full rim glasses, which can give the biggest protection to my eyes and the lenses when doing sports. The other pair was made of pure titanium with also an oval frame in the color of dark blue. This pair was particularly stylish and looked appealing to me. The frame was bendable enough that I do not need to worry about distorting the frame while placing it casually.

Then I googled this two types of prescription glasses, and fortunately enough, I found them on the same online store— Glassespeople.com, a professional online prescription glasses store. They were holding Christmas promotion activity and the prices of my selected prescription glasses were cheaper than I had seen on other stores. Besides, if I buy both pairs from them, I can get more discounts and free shipping from the second pair. So I ordered both pairs.

It’s really a good choice to buy prescription glasses from the online stores.